Pig on the spit

The ultimate gourmet pig on the spit

Pheasants Hill Farm rear free range woodland Tamworth pigs for hog roast pig-on-the-spit and cater for parties, weddings and events throughout Ireland.

At Pheasants Hill Farm we are second generation rare breed pig farmers, and have been rearing pigs in our family for over 50 years. We are committed to giving our pigs happy, contented and natural lives in fields and woodland – the sows raise their litters by building nests in the hedges which we have planted and the piglets grow up with their mother and stay with their siblings all their lives.  We are opposed to factory farming for industrial production of pork for supermarket and catering consumption.    Pheasants Hill Farm free range woodland reared Tamworth pork is uniquely different from the indoor reared pork mass produced in pig factory farms.

We  roast this fabulous, free range, Tamworth pork in a spit roast oven for the ultimate gourmet hog roast.  Other hog roast caterers use factory produced indoor reared pigs that produce spit roast pork that dries out easily and is stringy.  In contrast our roast pig-on-the-spit is truly delicious and sumptuous.  It has an amazing depth of flavour as our free roaming pigs have been given a life and time to reach maturity, they root and graze  freely, are fed on natural foodstuffs and are not injected with anything nasty or unnatural. When roasted slowly, they baste in their own fat and the meat stays incredibly moist. They have the distinctive Tamworth woodland reared deep pork flavour and the crackling is irresistible (if fattening!).

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